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These incredible islands show a totally different version of Nicaragua. Everywhere you look there are tropical birds, monkeys, some animals I had never seen before! Terrific views of Mombacho, an ancient fort built to keep out pirates, this trip is not to be missed! Mar 2017

Thousands of years ago, Volcano Mombacho erupted, throwing massive boulders high into the air. As they landed, they formed the 365 islets in the Islets of Granada.

These islands vary in size from a hundred square meters to hundreds of hectares, and you can discover a few of them in a kayak, or hire a boat and guide to experience more of the islets.

The area serves a full-time community of a few hundred people, mostly fishermen, but the islands also accommodate everything from tiny shacks to grand hotels and mansions. At the pier, you can always find a number of boats and guides to help you explore. Most hotels or hostels will have a name of someone they recommend, or you can ask at any of the tour companies around the main square in Granada.

Wife and I took a boat tour around the islands, very beautiful and peaceful. Shocking to see some islands inhabited by fishermen right next to an island with a mansion! Plenty of monkeys, birds, etc., and our guide was very knowledgeable and spoke great English. Mar 2017

If you hire a boat, the price is usually around $20USD for an hour, and a boat.. READ MORE

Map of the Islets of Granada and Surrounding Area

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If you hire a boat, the price is usually around $20USD for an hour, and a boat can hold 6-8 people. This is one excursion where it is worth every penny to hire an experienced boat and guide, rather than trying to go it alone. There is simply to much to see and to much distance to cover in a few hours.

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