ChocoMuseo Granada – From the Bean to the Bar (Plus Much More)


The Choco Museo in Granada is much more than a museum or gift store. From farm to finished chocolate, Choco Museo offers cacao farm tours, chocolate workshops, a delicious restaurant, and a spa and pool at the connected mansion.

From a few hours to a whole day, you can plan your own schedule of activities to suit your individual interests.

We attended the class where you participate in the entire chocolate making. Our cook was very good and explained everything perfectly. The class was very interactive and fun. I would absolutely recommend! Mar 2017

ChocoMuseo Workshop

There are two workshops offered, but the most popular class is an interactive kitchen experience that allows you to literally take part in every part of the chocolate-making process.

You roast the beans, make the paste, mix your own chocolate and finally make the bars to take home. The workshop lasts around 2 hours, and is suitable and fun for all age groups.

The classes are scheduled at 9 and 11 AM, or 2 and 4 PM, but they will schedule you any time if you request. As of April 2017, the price is $21USD for adults, and $12 for kids under 12 (plus tax). They are held in English or Spanish.

There is also another class aimed at serious cooking enthusiasts, and teaches you to prepare chocolate truffles and ganache. At the end of the two hour course, you should be able to do this yourself at home.

Open Kitchen, Museum, Shop

If you are just looking for somewhere interesting to kill some time, stop by Choco Museo and peek into the open kitchen, chocolate museum and shop.

The kitchen makes the chocolate from locally picked beans, and you can see the whole process as they make the 150-200 bars that they sell in the chocolate store.

The museum is an interesting story of everything chocolate. It is very interactive and covers topics such as the history of chocolate, health benefits, etc. Definitely worth a stop, especially if you are with the kids.

The shop is not just chocolate bars. They offer just about anything you could think of that contains chocolate or cocoa, and a nice selection of local handmade crafts and kitchen tools.

A word about why we included Choco Museo. We don’t, as a rule, include businesses that are multinational. However, Choco Museo started in Granada, as a local project, and it greatly benefits the bean growers in each community that they serve.

Cacao Farm Tour

The title here is a bit misleading. What you really get is a full day including boating on Lake Nicaragua through the islets, great views of Mombacho, some bird and animal watching, THEN you get to the plantations, which you can explore by horseback or walking.

The trip also includes a nice lunch and a dip in a natural pool, and other activities. This is a full day of activity, starting at 8:30 AM and arriving back to Choco Museo or your hotel at around 3 PM.

Maybe seven years ago was the first time I took the tour. Now, every time I have guests in town I take them and go again. Every guest I have taken has had such an amazing time. If you only do one thing, take the plantation tour. You really get to experience so many things in one day! Feb 2017

While at the plantation, you learn about the various stages of processing the beans, and have the opportunity to participate. The cost of the tour is $89USD per person as of April 2017.

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Map of Choco Museo and Granada

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