Just iGo Nicaragua

Traveling is our passion.

If you don’t have a lifestyle that lets you travel all year, then accurate and timely information can enrich your vacation time. Boots on the ground that keep that information up to date means that every moment that you spend will be well-spent, not wasted.

There is certainly a place for the Advisors, and the Planets. We use them ourselves. Then we go to those top-rated places and check them out ourselves to make sure. Then, we compare these places to others that we know, to decide, in our humble judgement, which is best. Which one we think a traveler would have the best experience attending, or eating at, or participating in.

The businesses we list here are all locally owned, family owned, small businesses. We exclude the large corporate businesses, hotels and experiences here. Not because we are anti-capitalist, but because small businesses that put out the effort to make foreigners and expats feel welcome deserve a shout. We don’t recommend anything or anyone here that we and our friends have not been to personally.

If we visit a highly rated location or experience and get bad service or value, we go back. If it happens again, we just don’t list it. Period. Hopefully this will give you some confidence when planning your trip. Having said this, we can’t be everywhere, so if you do find a great spot you don’t see here, please contact us.

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