Nicaragua Tourism Guide 2017 – Introducing Nicaragua

There are few countries in the world that offer the diversity of geography Nicaragua has to experience.

Within just a few hours, you can travel from the colonial beauty of Granada to the pristine beaches of the Pacific coast, or to the volcanic majesty of Masaya and Ometepe. Whether you want to experience the frantic nightlife of Managua or the laid-back lifestyle of San Juan del Sur, it is all in convenient reach.

There is an amazing selection of outdoor adventures in this small, underdeveloped country. Surf down an active volcano, fish for monster tarpon, dive into centotes, or roam the jungle. Few destinations in the world have the untamed and undeveloped beauty that remains in Nicaragua.

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Top Destinations in Nicaragua

1. Granada

2. San Juan del Sur

3. Caribbean Coast

4. León

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Nicaragua offers a sensational diversity of geography and activities that can all be reached in a few hours.

Beaches and Surfing

Whether you want to surf in the crashing waves of the Pacific, or just relax and sunbathe on the sugar-white beaches of the Caribbean, Nicaragua has what you are looking for. Surfers have been making the trek to Rivas for decades, battling the huge surf and enjoying the budget lifestyle. Beach bums and snorkelers enjoy the calm waters of Corn Island, where even the most popular areas are still peaceful and undeveloped.

Whatever your preference, Nicaragua beaches are among the best in Central America.

Outdoor Activities

In Nicaragua, you can reach any number of wildly different activities in just a few hours, from surfing down a live volcano to cave diving, landing a hundred-pound tarpon to paddling down alligator-infested creeks and rivers. Not only are all of these activities accessible from anywhere in the country, they are (for the most part) relatively untamed.

For the independent and adventurous traveler, Nicaragua is truly the place for new and thrilling experiences.

Architecture and Beauty

The colonial beauty of Nicaragua can be enjoyed two ways. Granada is a beautiful, peaceful and well-restored city of huge churches, massive city homes and busy town squares. Lovers of colonial architecture have been coming here for years to experience the amazing beauty of this city. Far less restored but busier and more active, León offers a much different colonial atmosphere. Vibrant and proud, you feel the energy of León 24 hours a day.

Check out more things to do in Granada, Nicaragua.

Whichever you choose, you will be amazed by the combination of beautiful colonial architecture and modern atmosphere.